The Powerful Conversations Network (PCN) consists of more than 95 individual public schools and 17 district teams from 35 districts where educators believe and act on the belief that both adult and student learning are critical to high achieving schools.

The Network includes both elementary and secondary schools, which meet as separate groups on a quarterly basis. One of the four meetings is actually an Instructional Round at a school.

PCN meetings last a full day and are organized around whole-group and small group learning activities, where participants are engaged in interactive strategies aligned with best practices for adult learners. Networking opportunities are provided throughout the day.

The focus for both elementary and secondary schools in 2016-2017 is how to support schools as they implement the CCRS to ensure that lessons are aligned with the standards; To strengthen the use of formative assessment so that students understand and embrace learning goals in ways that result in mastery of the standards; To enhance the collaborative learning culture in participating schools through intentional transfer of both processes and content from PCN sessions.

As always, we’re designing interactive sessions and will be using Leaders of Their Own Learning by Ron Berger and Management in the Active Classroom (2nd Edition) by Ron Berger, Dina Strasser and Libby Woodfin.

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