The Key Leaders Network (KLN) is the leadership strand of ABPC’s Powerful Conversations Network (PCN) in which district and school administrators meet and learn together, and act on their new understandings to improve instruction and student achievement in their districts.

The overarching goal of the KLN, which meets quarterly, is for participants to learn how to more effectively lead change and address resistance to improvement initiatives.

All districts attend with a team of participants made up of district leaders and and principals, whose schools are involved in the Powerful Conversations Network. In addition to learning together, Key Leaders help set the focus and work of the Powerful Conversations Network.

For the 2013-2014 year, KLN members will continue their focus on implementing Alabama’s new College and Career-Ready Standards (CCRS). We are collaborating with the ALSDE to ensure that the content will be aligned with these new standards. Additionally, we’ll continue the emphasis on student engagement and formative assessment, using the CCRS as a backdrop.

To support this learning the KLN will be using Linking Leadership to Student Learning by Leithwood & Karen Seashore-Louis. We will also, as in the past, incorporate other relevant research and tools as needed.

The KLN also provides the opportunity for participants to learn from each other as they network across districts. Many tell us this rare opportunity to share their leadership work with colleagues in similar roles inspires fresh thinking and helps them connect to research and best practice they can take back and use in their own districts.