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9 Things Every AP Science Teacher Should Know
August 18, 2010 | Comments
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By Ryan Reardon There really is no end to the conversations we can have about effectively teaching Advanced Placement (AP) Science classes. This list is not intended to be the end of the dialogue. Quite the contrary, I am getting my thoughts on paper so we have a shared understanding of what effective science education looks like. These are my ideas, most of which were stolen from teachers I admire and learned from. I would love to see this list expand. Perhaps by August 2011, we will have a col... [continue reading]
Summer Sources: A Tempting Trio of Science Treats
July 7, 2010 | Comments
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By John NortonTHE NSDL SCIENCE PORTAL The National Science Digital Library portals for math and science originate at the Ohio State University, where a sprightly team of educators stays busy putting together intriguing in-depth resources for teachers in grades 4-9 (and beyond). The science collection has some great themes, including a concise guide to helping students develop science vocabulary ...  ... [continue reading]
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