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Book Review: Overcoming Textbook Fatigue
March 1, 2013 | Comments
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by Joan Nash Comer When I was asked to read and review Overcoming Textbook Fatigue (ASCD, 2012) by ReLeah Cossett Lent, my first thought was Oh my stars! What perfect timing! I was in the midst of my own textbook fatigue in early winter, as a 6th grade reading teacher at Columbia Elementary School in Madison, Alabama. My second thought was Oh my stars! When will I ever have time to do this?! However, when I began to read the author's well-crafted and insightful content, it was immediately obviou... [continue reading]
Five Myths About the Common Core State Standards
October 19, 2011 | Comments
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The following article was written by Robert Rothman for the September/October 2011 Harvard Education Letter. Five Myths About the Common Core State Standards   By ROBERT ROTHMAN The Common Core State Standards are one of the most significant initiatives in American education in decades. Yet the swiftness with which they were developed and adopted has left educators uncertain about exactly what they are. A number of myths about the standards have emerged.Myth #1 The Common Core Sta... [continue reading]
Argumentative Literacy
January 13, 2011 | Comments
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by Cathy Gassenheimer All of us are still reeling from the events that occurred in Tuscon, Arizona. Many of us are not only asking why? but are afraid that well be faced with another horrendous act of violence in the not too distant future. Im asking another important question: What message are we sending to our childrenŽthe children of America and the world? Outside of school, our children are being barraged by violent video games, violence in movies and television, and adults shouting and call... [continue reading]
Summer Sources: Super Sites for English and the Language Arts
July 15, 2010 | Comments
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By John Norton I think the English Companion NING (ECN) is among the best virtual teacher communities in the world. And about 18,000 teacher members agree with me! ECN was launched by English teacher-author Jim Burke only 18 months ago with a few hundred members. A year later, the site (built on the commercial NING platform) was a mass phenomenon and winner of the 2009 Edublog Award for best educational use of a social networking site.  ... [continue reading]
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