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Review: Strategies to engage all students in academic conversations
April 25, 2014 | Comments
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by Linda BiondiThe Language of Learning: Teaching Students Core Thinking, Listening and Speaking Skills by Margaret Berry Wilson is a book that cannot be read all at once, but needs to be tasted, savored, and read over a period of time.  This book comes at a very opportune time. Speaking and listening skills are one fifth of the Common Core Standards for ELA. They represent the know-how our students need to interact in intelligent conversations with others. In the Common Core, every grade level,... [continue reading]
Interview: How Concept-Based Teaching Can Deepen Student Learning
March 26, 2014 | Comments
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by Cathy Gassenheimer Lynn Erickson and Lois Lanning are the authors of an important new book for educators who are rethinking curriculum and instruction to meet higher standards and go deeper with students into knowledge, understanding and doing.After reading Transitioning to Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction: How to Bring Content and Process Together, I was eager to have Lynn and Lois talk about their book and how it might help Alabama schools as we transition to more powerful teaching... [continue reading]
Interview: Pursuing the Essentials of Learning
February 10, 2014 | Comments
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by Cathy Gassenheimer   The publisher's precise summary of Dispositions (2013) by Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick is intriguing: Two leading consultants present a game-changing look at why and how to 'mind the gap' between what we claim are educational essentials, and how we evaluate results.  I can say from recent personal experience that many educators are becoming very intrigued as they read this book, including myself. I've written about Dispositions here at the ABPC blog several times rece... [continue reading]
How to Strengthen Student Dispositions in Your School
January 3, 2014 | Comments
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by Cathy Gassenheimer In my earlier post about the book, Dispositions: Reframing Teaching and Learning, by Costa and Kallick, I introduced the three essential questions upon which the book is based: How do we make dispositions come alive in the minds of students? How do we produce a paradigm shift in the thinking of education leaders, parents, the public, and our political decision-makers? How to we reclaim the role that education must play in protecting our democracy. The authors point to sev... [continue reading]
Lessons That Will Help Students Fall in Love with Close Reading
December 23, 2013 | Comments
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Here's a book about close reading that's worthy of your attention. Reviewer Kevin Hodgson is a sixth grade ELA teacher and technology liaison with the Western Massachusetts Writing Project. He reviews books and writes a blog about the ELA classroom at MiddleWeb, where this review first appeared.    Falling in Love with Close Reading: Lessons for Analyzing Texts and Life, by Christopher Lehman and Kate Roberts (Heinemann, 2014)  Reviewed by Kevin Hodgson   Authors Christopher Lehman and Kate Robe... [continue reading]
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